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Goodwill stems from years of steady performance maintaining high quality. Nothing can substitute it. In the long run what matters for an organisation is the goodwill it earns.

At Oshima Systems, these are some of the facts that guide us to our way to the pinnacle of success. We believe in taking excellence to a new high and thus delivering the best to our customers. And that leads ultimately to what any organisation can be proud of; tremendous goodwill.

Competitive Price

We define our requisites for high quality raw materials and ensure it is ethically sourced at a the best price possible. We leverage this practice to competitively price our product and pass on the benefit to our clients

Quality Product

We perform quality checks at every stage of production and delivery as per the required standards. Our employees are well trained before they are deployed for production & safety measures are taken to maintain a safe workplace.

Timely Delivery

The rising demands of customers are met with wide variety of certified methods to ensure high performing manufacturing results. The company ethos is to offer the highest quality at the best possible accuracy and speed.

Customer Service

We are constantly aiming at raising the bar in customer satisfaction. We maintain a steadfast commitment to operating ethically and encourage that as a business we maintain high levels of integrity and compliance.



In a highly competitive market what gives our products an edge is quality. For us at Oshima Systems, quality is an attitude that can never be compromised. Quality Control is ensured by an efficient team of highly qualified professionals. It’s headed by a Sr. Production Manager with adequate experience in production who is assisted by a qualified Chemist. The department is fully equipped with all necessary Q.C. instruments and testing machines and has a Chemical Laboratory, Mechanical Testing Laboratory, Process Control, Weld Test Shop etc.Special Recognition: Oshima Systems has been the proud recipient of the SME Excellence Award 2007 and Kar Sanman Award 2012. The award, constituted by the Govt. of India, was given to us in recognition to our contribution to central excise revenue in Mangalore Commissionorate.







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